English for work

Sometimes there are problems at the workplace and then we may make mistakes. When this happens, we will probably have to apologize to a colleague or customers. To apologize, use I’m sorry… or Sorry…

I’m sorry. I forgot to bring that file.

I’m sorry. I have misplaced that document.

I’m sorry. I’m late. I missed my train.

Sorry. I’ve to go now.

Sorry, I didn’t hear what you just said.

Sometimes there is a problem or something bad has happened. To break bad news, use I’m afraid…

I’m afraid I’m going to be late.

I’m afraid that item is currently out of stock.

I’m afraid there is a problem with your order.

I’m afraid the meeting has been cancelled.

I’m afraid I have broken your camera.

If someone apologizes to you, say That’s all right or Don’t worry. This lets them know that you are not angry with them. If you keep mum they will probably suspect that you are still angry with them.

Expressing your opinions

If you want to give your opinion about something, use I think…

I think these meetings are useless.

I think you should ask for a raise.

I think we are making a mistake.

I think we should talk to the manager.

You can also express your opinion saying In my opinion…

In my opinion, the new manager is not very efficient.

In my opinion, Martin is not the right person for the job.

In my opinion, we should hire an expert to do this.

To ask someone for their opinion, use What do you think of…?

What do you think of the new manager?

What do you think of the new sales policy?

What do you think of the new products?