Formation of the negative and the interrogative in the simple past tense

Questions and negatives in the simple past tense are made by using did with the first form of the verb.

Did she come? (NOT Did she came.)
She didn’t call. (NOT She didn’t called.)
Did they wait? (NOT Did they waited?)

Study the following sentences.

She went to America last year.
Did she go to America last year? Yes, she went to America last year.
When did she go to America? She went to America last year.
Where did she go last year? She went to America.

The police caught the thief from his hiding place.
Whom did the police catch? The police caught the thief.
Did the police catch the thief? Yes, the police caught the thief.

He sold his old car to his neighbor.
To whom did he sell his old car? He told it to his neighbor.
What did he sell? He sold his car.
Did he sell his car? Yes, he sold his car.


Answer the following questions in the affirmative.

1. Did she enjoy the film?

2. Did they invite her to their party?

3. Didn’t you see the program on TV?

4. Didn’t he meet her?

5. Did she tell the truth?

6. Did you see him?

7. Did the dog bite the man?

8. Did she accept the invitation?

9. Did she solve the problem?

10. Did they bring the children along?


1. Yes, she enjoyed the film.

2. Yes, they invited her to their party.

3. Yes, I saw the program on TV.

4. Yes, I met her.

5. Yes, she told the truth.

6. Yes, I saw him.

7. Yes, the dog bit the man.

8. Yes, she accepted the invitation.

9. Yes, she solved the problem.

10. Yes, they brought the children along.