General English Exercise

Complete the following sentences.

1. ————— arguments to the contrary, she remained rigid in her stand.

a) in spite
b) despite
c) though
d) even as

2. They —————– whatever they could from the wreckage.

a) Rendered
b) Removed
c) Salvaged
d) Escaped

3. I knew he was lying, but still I didn’t dare to —————- him.

a) Gainsay
b) Refuse
c) Accept
d) None of these

4. I am not quite sure if he is genuinely unwell. I think he is ————- a migraine to avoid the exam.

a) coping
b) acting
c) shamming
d) pretending

5. After she married against her parents’ wishes, she was —————– by all her family and friends.

a) Excluded
b) Included
c) Ostracized
d) Accepted

6. Chocolates are the real —————– of most people who want to lose weight.

a) Friends
b) Nemesis
c) Solution
d) Problem

7. During his speech, he made a/an —————– to the lateness of the hour.

a) Transparent
b) Oblique
c) Opaque
d) None of these

8. It only requires a modicum of common sense to understand that the whole plan is a —————-

a) Sham
b) Betrayal
c) Forgery
d) Fraud

9. The director agreed to remove the —————– material from the play after the public raised an outcry.

a) Offensive
b) Unnecessary
c) Detailed
d) Odious

10. The Union Ministry has decided that patrols will be increased along the border to ———————- smugglers.

a) Prevent
b) Interdict
c) Avoid
d) Disable

11. After much persuasion he ————— to our views.

a) Came out
b) Came round
c) Came after
d) Came off

12. The police —————- the robbers and arrested them.

a) Broke off
b) Broke upon
c) Broke after
d) Broke out

13. On my way to the market I ————— with an old friend.

a) Fell in
b) Fell off
c) Fell back
d) Fell through


13. despite
14. Salvaged
15. Gainsay
16. shamming
17. Ostracized
18. Nemesis
19. Oblique
20. Sham
21. Offensive
22. Interdict
23. Came round
24. Broke upon
25. Fell in