Grammar structures with have and get

Have can be followed by object + past participle. This structure is used to talk about causing or getting things done.

We must have the roof repaired before Easter. (= We want the roof to be repaired before Easter.)

I must have that deadline extended by a few days. (= I want the deadline to be extended by a few days.)

I am going to have my car repaired next week.

I think you should have that carpet cleaned.

This structure is also used to talk about things happening to us. Note that in this case, the meaning is always passive.

I had my car stereo stolen last week. (= My car stereo had been stolen.)

The convict had his head cut off. (= His head was cut off.)

We had to have our dog put down because of his terminal illness. (= Our dog had to be put down.)

Note that it is usually possible to express the same idea using get + object + past participle.

I think you should get that carpet cleaned.

You should get your eyes examined by a qualified ophthalmologist.

You must get your hair cut.

As you can see there is little or no difference between these two structures.

You ought to have your eyes examined. = You ought to get your eyes examined.