Idioms and their meanings

Here is a list of common idiomatic expressions in English.

Not hang together

If things do not hang together, they are not consistent with each other.

Take exception to

To take exception to something is to object to it.

To a fault

If you are generous to a fault, you are so generous that your generosity is a fault.

Gain ground

If something is gaining ground, it is becoming more acceptable.

Pay off old scores

To pay off old scores is to take revenge.

On and off

When you do something on and off, you do it at intervals.

Off and on

If you do something off and on, you do it now and then.

Put a spoke in someone’s wheel

To put a spoke in someone’s wheel is to thwart the execution of their plan.

Make one’s mark

To make your mark as a thinker is to distinguish yourself as a thinker.

At one’s fingers’ ends

When you have something at your fingers’ ends, you have easy access to it.

Fall flat

If a film or a show falls flat, it meets with a cold reception.

Put your foot down

To put your foot down is to take a resolute stand.

Turn over a new leaf

To turn over a new leaf is to change for the better.

Make up one’s mind

To make up your mind is to resolve or decide.

No love lost between them

If there is no love lost between two people, they dislike each other.

From hand to mouth

To live from hand to mouth is to live in poverty.