It’s A Rip Off

That’s a rip-off!

Storyline: Jack bought a used computer for 400 dollars without realizing that he had been ripped off.

James: How much did you pay for it?
Jack: 400 dollars.
James: 400 dollars for a piece of junk like that? That’s a rip-off!
Jack: What do you mean by that?
James: Don’t you understand? Now you can get a brand new computer for less than 300 dollars. Then why do you have to buy a used one at that price point?
Jack: Oh. I guess I really got ripped off.


To get ripped off is to get cheated or exploited.

Do you want to come to the mall with me?

Situation: Sonia is addicted to shopping. She asks her friend Sophie whether she wants to go to the mall with her.

Sonia: Sophie, do you want to come to the mall with me?
Sophie: I’d like to, but I’m broke. So what’s the point in coming?
Sonia: So am I, but can’t we just browse through the stuff? You don’t have to pay anything for just looking around.
Sophie: You mean window shopping?
Sonia: Yeah. You wanna come?
Sophie: OK. Let’s go then.
Want to is often pronounced as wanna in spoken English.
When you are broke, you have no money that you can spend.