Jumbled Words Exercise

Rearrange words to make meaningful sentences.

1. for I the entire searched neighborhood my cat

2. he doing asked me I was there what

3. fine the forecast said the next day that would be

4. you would like some gardening for me to do?

5. door have you spoken to the people ever who live next?

6. looking here is that you were for the book

7. he has got speaks quite well, but he a strong English accent French

8. when my did grandfather a lot for me I was alive

9. I for but she didn’t an hour come waited

10. an there has explosion near been the airport

11. you since have eaten cookies lunchtime six


1. I searched the entire neighborhood for my cat.

2. He asked me what I was doing there.

3. The forecast said that the next day would be fine.

4. Would you like to do some gardening for me?

5. Have you ever spoken to the people who live next door?

6. Here is the book that you were looking for.

7. He speaks French quite well, but he has got a strong English accent.

8. My grandfather did a lot for me when I was alive.

9. I waited for an hour but she didn’t come.

10. There has been an explosion near the airport.

11. You have eaten six cookies since lunchtime.