Leaving A Message | Sample Conversation

If the person you want to talk to is not there, you can leave a message. Here is a sample conversation.

Speaker A: Hello, this is Stella. Who is that speaking?

Speaker B: Hello, this is Kevin. Can I speak with John?

Speaker A: I’m afraid he’s not in at the moment.

Speaker B: That’s all right. Can I leave a message?

Speaker A: Sure. Hold on a moment, please. Let me get a pen and paper… OK, I’m ready.

Speaker B: Great. Can you tell Ram that tomorrow’s meeting has been postponed to Thursday?

Speaker A: OK… meeting postponed to Thursday. Does he know where the meeting is?

Speaker B: No, he doesn’t. Tell him that the meeting is at 4 pm at our head office near the Town Hall.

Speaker A: OK… meeting at 4 at head office. Anything else?

Speaker B: Could you ask him to call me back when he arrives? I’ll leave my phone number just in case he doesn’t have it.

Speaker A: OK, I’m ready.

Speaker B: Yes, please write down. My cell number is 932 086 4632.

Speaker A: That’s 932 086 4632.

Speaker B: Yes. Thanks for your help.

Speaker A: I’ll tell him about your call as soon as he gets in.

Speaker B: Thank you. Good bye.