Making Friends | Small Talk

Asking for information

Here are some questions you can ask people when you meet them.

Asking about people

‘How do you know each other?’‘We work together.’

‘How do you know Sam?’ ‘We were together at university.’

‘How do you know Mary?’ ‘We’re colleagues.’

‘How do you know Albert?’ ‘Through some common friends’

‘Do you know my sister?’ Yes, I’ve met her once.’

‘How long have you known Stella?’ ‘I’ve known her for fifteen years.’

‘How long have you known each other?’ ‘We’ve known each other since our school days.’

‘You don’t know my father, do you?’ ‘No, I’ve never met him.

Asking about home town

When we meet people, we often ask about their home town or the place they live in. Here are a few questions you can ask. Sample answers are also given.

‘Where are you from?’‘I’m from Korea.’

‘Do you know my home town?’ ‘Yes, I know your home town.’ (= I’ve been there.)

‘Have you heard of my home town?’ ‘Yes, I’ve heard of your home town but I haven’t been there.’

‘Where do you live?’‘I live in Tokyo.’

‘Why did you come to England?’ ‘I came here to work.’ / ‘I came here to study.’

Sample conversation

Here is a sample conversation between two people who just met at a library.

Martin: Hi. My name is Martin. What’s your name?

Charlotte: My name is Charlotte. Nice to meet you.

Martin: I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name. Can you repeat it please?

Charlotte: I’m Charlotte… Charlotte Pitt.

Martin: Nice name.

Charlotte: Thank you.

Martin: Do you come here often?

Charlotte: No. This’s my first time here. What about you?

Martin: I come here whenever I get time. I like reading.

Charlotte: That’s interesting.