Money idioms

Here is a list of common money idioms.

Put your money where your mouth is

To put your money where your mouth is to practice what you preach.

  • If you are really interested in helping the poor, you should put your money where your mouth is.

Pots of money

Lots of money

  • He can buy anything he wants. He has got pots of money.

Throw money around / money to throw around

To throw money around is to spend it carelessly. When you have money to throw around, you are quite rich.

  • My neighbor has money to throw around. He buys a new car every week.

Hit pay dirt

When you hit pay dirt, you make a lot of money.

  • Apple hit pay dirt with its range of iPhones.

Pay through the nose

To pay through the nose is to pay too much money for something.

  • I had to pay through the nose to get my car repaired.

Pay top dollar

To pay top dollar is to pay a lot of money for something.

  • At least some employers have realized that they will have to pay top dollar if they want the best people to work for them.

A pretty penny

When something costs you a pretty penny, it is very expensive.

  • That laptop cost me a pretty penny.

Dirt poor

Extremely poor

  • She may be dirt poor, but she will not take anything that does not belong to her.

As poor as church mice

Very poor

  • My dad was as poor as a church mouse when he married my mom twenty years ago.