More Mealtime Conversations

You look a million bucks

Storyline: Sam has lost some weight and looks fit. This surprises his friend Mary.

Mary: Wow, you look like a million bucks. Have you been working out?

Sam: Yeah, I’ve been going to the gym for well over three months.

Mary: I can tell that from your appearance. Your pot belly has disappeared. Man, you look really buff. By the way, would you mind discussing your workout regime with your best friend?

Sam: Not at all. I lift weights. I also do some aerobics. You know what? I used to detest workouts, but now that I’ve started seeing the results, I’m becoming addicted to them. I feel like a new man!

Mary: Great!


When you look really buff, you look great.

Conversation 3

Eating out

Storyline: Sonia is envious of her friend Sarah who eats out very often. Here is a piece of conversation between the two.

Sonia: When was the last time you had a home-cooked meal?

Sarah: I don’t remember having one in a long time.

Sonia: I really envy you. I’d like to eat out too.

Sarah: Don’t envy me. Eating out once in a while is fun, but if you do it very often you’ll soon get tired of it.

Sonia: Then why do you eat out?

Sarah: It’s for business. I work long hours so I don’t get any time to cook food. Sometimes I just want a home-cooked meal.