The structure neither…nor is used to join two negative ideas. It is the opposite of both…and…

Combine the following sentences using neither…nor…

1. He cannot speak English. He cannot write English.

2. He did not eat the cake himself. He did not let others eat it.

3. You should not meet him. You should not talk to him.

4. She has not eaten anything in two days. She hasn’t slept either.

5. The old woman cannot walk. She cannot talk.

6. She is not beautiful. She is not intelligent.

7. He does not attend the class regularly. He does not learn his lessons either.

8. This book is not interesting. It is not useful either.

9. James did not pass the test. Peter did not pass the test.

10. Mike does not play cricket. His brother also does not play cricket.


1. He can neither speak nor write English.

2. He neither ate the cake himself nor allowed others to eat it.

3. You should neither meet him nor talk to him.

4. She has neither eaten anything nor slept in two days.

5. The old woman can neither walk nor talk.

6. She is neither beautiful nor intelligent.

7. He neither attends the class regularly nor learns his lessons.

8. This book is neither interesting nor useful.

9. Neither James nor Peter passed the test.

10. Neither Mike nor his brother plays cricket.


When two singular subjects are connected by neither…nor, the verb is usually singular.