Noun + preposition combinations

Here is a list of common noun + preposition combinations


The preposition for can be preceded by the following nouns.

A check for

  • She wrote me a check for $300.

A demand for

  • There is a huge demand for affordable housing.

Need for

  • There was no need for your intervention.

A reason for

  • I have no reason for accepting this job.


The preposition ‘in’ can be preceded by the following nouns.

A rise in

  • There has been a huge rise in the price of petrol.

An increase in

  • The manager said that he would like to see an increase in productivity.

A fall in

  • Thanks to recession, there has been a fall in property prices.

A decrease in

  • There has been a decrease in productivity.


Of can be preceded by the following nouns.

A cause of something

  • You are the cause of all his problems.

A photograph of

  • She showed me an old photograph of her grandmother.


The preposition to can be preceded by the following nouns.

Damage to something

  • Such irresponsible acts will do a lot of damage to your reputation.

An invitation to

  • I have received an invitation to their party.

Reaction to

  • Her reaction to his behavior was rather strange.

A solution to

  • We need to find a solution to this wretched problem.

An attitude to something / an attitude towards something

  • Unless your change your attitude to / towards your problems, you will not solve them.


The preposition with can be preceded by the following nouns.

A relationship with

  • She has ended her relationship with Peter.

A connection with

  • He has good connections with several politicians.

A contact with

  • I haven’t had any contact with her since I moved into Chicago.