Passive voice exercise

Rewrite the following sentences as directed. This grammar exercise tests your understanding of active and passive verb forms.

1. My brother is painting the house. (Begin with ‘The house’.)

2. People took the injured person to the hospital. (Begin with ‘The injured person’.)

3. Nobody invited him. (Begin with ‘He’.)

4. They are building a bridge across the river. (Begin with ‘A bridge’)

5. We cooked the vegetables. (Begin with ‘The vegetables’.)

6. We can find coconut palms in many parts of the world. (Begin with ‘Coconut palms’)

7. In India people speak many languages. (Begin with ‘Many languages’.)

8. The boys have broken my window. (Begin with ‘My window’.)

9. Finish the work immediately. (Begin with ‘Let’.)

10. The children are decorating the Christmas tree. (Begin with ‘The Christmas tree’.)


1. The house is being painted by my brother.

2. The injured person was taken to the hospital.

3. He was not invited by anybody.

4. A bridge is being built across the river.

5. The vegetables were cooked by us.

6. Coconut palms can be found in many parts of the world.

7. Many languages are spoken in India.

8. My window has been broken by the boys.

9. Let the work be finished immediately.

10. The Christmas tree is being decorated by the children.