Phrasal verbs beginning with R

Here is a list of phrasal verbs beginning with the letter R

Read up on

To read up on something is to research a topic for some reason.

You need to read up on the work practices of the company before you go on the job interview.

Ring up (separable)

To ring somebody up is to telephone them.

I will ring you up when I finish.

Rule out (separable)

To rule something out is to eliminate it.

I will not rule out the possibility of quitting my current employer if I get a better job opportunity.

 Run across (inseparable)

To run across somebody is to find or meet them unexpectedly.

I ran across my old chemistry professor yesterday. He didn’t recognize me.

Run against

To run against somebody is to compete against them in an election.

The opposition has nominated a film star to run against the sitting MP.

Run away

To run away is to leave home permanently.

The boy ran away because his step mother beat him.

Run down (separable)

To run something down is to trace it.

Have you run down his phone number?

Run down (separable)

To run somebody down is to criticize them.

He quit his job because his boss always ran him down.

Run down

To run somebody down is to hit them with a car.

The dog was run over by a speeding truck.

Run down (inseparable)

To look run down is to look tired.

You look run down. Why don’t you get some rest?

Run for

To run for is to campaign for a government position.

He is running for President.

Run into (inseparable)

To run into is to meet somebody unexpectedly.

I ran into your cousin at the library. He was so nice.

Run off (separable)

To run somebody off is to make them quit.

The government has time and again failed to run the smugglers off.