The preposition into

Into is a preposition used for showing movement.

She walked into the showroom.

Athletes marched into the stadium for the opening ceremony.

He went into his private library.

Into can used to talk about going inside an empty space.

He slipped his hand into his pocket.

Pour the oil into the can.

Into can be used to refer to movement from the surface to the deeper part of something.

She dived into the water.

Into can mean ‘move towards something and hit it’.

He was driving carelessly and crashed into a tree.

When he discovered that she was cheating on him, he became so angry he slammed his fist into the wall.

When a flight gets into a place, it arrives there.

Our flight will get into Madrid at about 8.30.

Into can be used to indicate the direction in which somebody is looking or facing

She gazed into the mirror but couldn’t find anything particularly admiring about her looks or dress.

The instructor asked the boy to speak into the microphone.

Into can indicate change.

The wild child grew into a graceful lady.

The arguments soon turned into a full-scale battle.

Expressions with into

Crash into

He crashed into the van in front.

Divide into

The novel is divided into 18 chapters.

Drive into

He drove into a wall and nearly demolished it.

Enter into

We are planning to enter into an agreement with them.

Run into (= meet)

I ran into an old friend of mine yesterday.

Translate into

Can you translate this letter into Spanish?

Her novels have been translated into several languages.