Make questions

Frame a question to get the words in italics as the answer.

1. James has bought a new car.

2. The teacher called Peter.

3. This is my father’s computer.

4. Susie gave Mike a watch.

5. The two friends met in the park.

6. My brother will come next Sunday.

7. I have two sisters.

8. He paid 5 dollars for the book.

9. They have been living here for ten years.

10. My mother goes to the temple once a week.

11. The railway station is three kilometers away from here.

12. That laptop cost me 500 dollars.

13. A decent laptop costs about 400 dollars.


1. Who has bought a new car?

2. The teacher called Peter.

3. Whose computer is this?

4. What did Susie give Mike?

5. Where did the two friends meet?

6. When will your brother come?

7. How many sisters do you have?

8. How much did he pay for the book?

9. How long have they been living here?

10. How often does your mother go to the temple?

11. How far is the railway station from here?

12. How much did that laptop cost you?

13. How much does a decent laptop cost?