Five questions to start a conversation

Do you find it difficult to speak English? A large number of ESL students who can write reasonably well in English can’t speak the language fluently. That is because fluency is a skill you need to develop with continuous practice.

Here are some practice questions to help you start speaking English.

These questions can be used to start a conversation with people you have just met. They are simple questions you are already familiar with.

1.    What is your name?

2.    What do you do?

3. Where do you live?

4.    Where are you from?

5.    Are you married?

Study the practice conversations given below.

What’s your name?

This is one of the commonest questions in English. When we meet people for the first time, we often ask their name. Before asking another person’s name, it is always a good idea to introduce yourself.

Here are some expressions you can use to introduce yourself.

I’m …
My name is …
Hello. I’m Martha. What’s your name?

What do you do?

You can ask about a person’s occupation in many different ways. Here are some questions you can ask:

Do you work?
What do you do?
Have you got a job?
What do you do to make a living?

Where do you live?

Here are some sample answers.

I live in the suburb.

I live in Chennai.
I live in a small town.

Where are you from?

Sample answers

I’m from Italy.