Rearrange words

If words are not arranged in their proper order, we cannot make meaningful sentences.
Make meaningful sentences by rearranging the words.

1. ever by chance happens nothing.

2. a king wears crown the.

3. James in scoring a only century succeeded.

4. the war, there is much though discontent over is.

5. if not you, this would happen were here.

6. have considering his, he should performed better abilities.

7. when I praise deserves only he it him.

8. he also lost not but his ticket his luggage only.

9. washed his hands he nor his neither face.

10. floating fishermen the body lifeless on water found the.


1. Nothing ever happens by chance.

2. The king wears a crown.

3. Only James succeeded in scoring a century.

4. Though the war is over, there is much discontent.

5. If you were here, this would not happen.

6. Considering his abilities, he should have performed better.

7. I praise him only when he deserves it.

8. He lost not only his ticket but also his luggage.

9. He washed neither his hands nor his face.

10. Fishermen found the body floating lifeless on the water.