Reported Speech Exercise

Convert the following sentences into indirect speech.

1. She said, ‘It is my bag.’

2. ‘There is nothing in this box,’ said Jane.

3. ‘I am not confident of getting the job,’ said Sony.

4. Mary said, ‘I will call the police if you do not leave my house immediately.’

5. The man said to the boy, ‘You are too young to work.’

6. The headmaster told her, ‘You can go if you want.’

7. The teacher says, ‘Tomorrow will be a holiday.’

8. Raju said, ‘I want to buy that car.’

9. Rani said, ‘Could you help me?’

10. The child said, ‘Mother is not at home.’


1. She said that it was her bag.

2. Jane said that there was nothing in that box.’

3. Sony said that he was not confident of getting the job.

4. Mary said that she would call the police if I did not leave her house immediately.

5. The man told the boy that he was too young to work.

6. The headmaster told her that she could go if she wanted.

7. The teacher says that tomorrow will be a holiday.

8. Raju said that he wanted to buy that car.

9. Rani asked if I could help her.

10. The child said that mother was not at home.