Rewrite using it

Rewrite the following sentences using ‘it’.

1. To remember your telephone number is easy.

2. How the robbers got into the bank is still a mystery.

3. To err is human.

4. To make him change his mind is hard.

5. To go there on a Sunday is pointless.

6. To listen to her recital was enjoyable.

7. How he managed to escape is not clear.

8. That the geography of a country influences its history cannot be denied.

9. To answer these questions is easy.

10. That we stand for peace is a well-known fact.

11. How he saved her cannot be explained.

12. Whether we will be able to go is uncertain.


1. It is easy to remember your telephone number.

2. It is still a mystery how the robbers got into the bank.

3. It is human to err.

4. It is hard to make him change his mind.

5. It is pointless to go there on a Sunday.

6. It was enjoyable to listen to her recital.

7. It is not clear how he managed to escape.

8. It cannot be denied that the geography of a country influences its history.

9. It is easy to answer these questions.

10. It is a well-known fact that we stand for peace.

11. It cannot be explained how he saved her.

12. It is uncertain whether we will be able to go.