Sample Conversation | Keep Somebody Posted

We often engage in conversations with strangers we meet at places like railway stations and bus stops. Here are some sample dialogues using the conversational structures you learned in the previous lessons.

Storyline: Sam has found a good job in London and is ready to move there. However, he wants to keep in touch with his friends in his hometown.Here is a piece of conversation between him and his friend Maria.

Maria: I heard you were moving to London.

Sam: Yes, I’ve got a good job with a construction firm in London.

Maria: Really? That’s great! But I’m going to miss you.

Sam: Don’t you think I’ll miss you, too? I’ll keep in touch with you.

Maria: Will you? I’m not all that convinced.

Sam: Trust me. I won’t forget you. I’ll keep you posted.

Maria: You’ve my email address?

Sam: Yes, I have. I have also sent you a friend request on Facebook.

Maria: All right! I will add you. I don’t spend too much time on Facebook but that will be an easy way to keep in touch. All the best!

Sam: Thank you.


To keep somebody posted is to stay in touch with them through letters or emails.