Sample Conversation | She Poked Me In The Eye

Here is a practice dialogue.

She poked me in the eye!

Storyline: Kate was playing with her daughter when she accidentally poked her in the eye.

Mary: What happened to your eye?

Kate: Nothing really. My daughter poked me in the eye. Actually I was playing with her when her fingernails scrapped my eye.

Mary: That’s no good.

Kate: At first it wasn’t too bad so I just ignored it, but the next morning it really hurt.

Mary: Didn’t you see a doctor?

Kavita: Yeah, I did.

Mitra: What did he say?

Kate: He said that it should be okay but it might take a while. Until then I’ll have to live with a blurry eye.

Mary: I’m so sorry to hear that.

Kate: Yeah. I never thought that a harmless poke in the eye would cause so much damage.


The auxiliary verb should can be used to show probability.

  • She should be here soon. (= It is probable that she will be here soon.)
  • The report should be ready by evening. (= It is probable that the report will be ready by evening.)
  • You should get better after taking this medicine. (= It is probable that you will get better after taking this medicine.)

Should can also be used to talk about duty. In most cases you will be able to infer the meaning using context.