Sample Conversations About Health And Illnesses

You look run down!

Storyline: Susie is concerned that her friend Maria is still very sick.

Susie: You look run down, Maria.

Maria: Yeah. I’ve been unwell recently. It started off as a sore throat, but I ended up having tonsillitis. I’m still taking some tablets, but I haven’t gotten over it.

Susie: What does the doctor say?

Maria: Well, he thinks that I’ll get better with medication and rest. But if I don’t, I’ll probably have to get my tonsils taken out.

Susie: I’m sorry to hear that. Then why don’t you take sick leave and get some rest. For the moment, your health should come first.

Maria: You’re right. I should talk to the boss.

I think I’m running a temperature!

Storyline: Raj is not feeling well, so his wife Prerana suggests that he should stay at home.

Raj: I think I’m running a temperature. I’ve also got a scratchy throat.

Prerana: Let me see. (She checks his temperature with a thermometer.) Yes, you’ve a low-grade fever. You had better stay at home today. And don’t sit in front of that computer. If you stay up late playing games, your health will be ruined.

Raj: I can’t help it. Don’t you know that I’m an avid gamer?

Prerana: If you want to stay in good shape, you had better quit those habits.