Sample Telephonic Conversation

Here is a sample conversation between a parent and a school employee.

Telephoning school for your child

First speaker: Good morning, Model English School. How can I help you?

Second speaker: Good morning. This is Sophia Fernandez. I’m calling for my son Peter. He’s not feeling very well so he’ll be absent today.

First speaker: I’m sorry to hear that. I hope it’s not that bad.

Second speaker: No, he only has a mild fever. Nothing serious.

First speaker: I hope he gets well soon.

Second speaker: Thank you. Would it be possible for me to get his lessons for today? He’s in the tenth grade.

First speaker: OK. How would you like us to send his lessons?

Second speaker: Could you ask his teachers to e-mail me the lessons?

First speaker: Of course. I’ll give your e-mail address to his teachers.

Second speaker: That’s so kind of you. By the way, have you got my e-mail on file?

First speaker: I think so. Anyway let me check. Yes, we’ve Sophia760 at Gmail dot com. Is that correct?

Second speaker: Yes, that’s correct.

First speaker: OK. I’ll ask his teachers to send you the lessons by e-mail. Feel free to call me if you don’ get the email before evening.

Second speaker: Thank you very much.

First speaker: You’re welcome.