Sentence synthesis

We can combine sentences in several different ways. We can, for example, use conjunctions. There are two types of conjunctions – coordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions.

Coordinating conjunctions are used to connect two coordinate (main) clauses. Subordinating conjunctions are used to connect a subordinate clause to another clause.

We can also use semicolons to connect two clauses. Note that semicolons merely suggest a connection between the two clauses. They do not connect the clauses in the strict sense of the term.

Study the pair of sentence given below.

  • I won the prize. Everybody congratulated me.

We can combine these two clauses in several different ways.

  • I won the prize; everybody congratulated me. (Using a semicolon)
  • I won the prize and everybody congratulated me. (Using a coordinating conjunction)
  • When I won the prize, everybody congratulated me. (Note the use of the comma.)
  • Everybody congratulated me when I won the prize.


Join the following pair of sentences using the models given above.

He opened the window. The cat jumped out.

He opened the window; the cat jumped out.
He opened the window and the cat jumped out.
When he opened the window, the cat jumped out.
The cat jumped out when he opened the window.