Shopping for a pair of shoes

Here is a sample conversation between a sales assistant and a customer who is shopping for a pair of shoes.

Sales assistant: Can I help you, Sir?

Customer: I think so. I’m looking for a pair of shoes.

Sales assistant: What size are you?

Customer: I’m an extra-large. I’ve got large feet.

(Sales assistant pulls out a pair of shoes from the racks and shows them to the customer.)

Sales assistant: How about these?

Customer: I’d like high-heeled shoes. I’m not very tall, you know.

Sales assistant: OK. I’ll show you another pair. (Sales assistant pulls out another pair of shoes.) What do you think of these? They’ve got high heels.

Customer: Yes, they’ve, but they just don’t seem right for me. Could you show me another pair of high-heeled shoes with pointed toes?

Sales assistant: Sure. How about these?

Customer: Yes, these are exactly what I want. Can I try them on?

Sales assistant: Certainly.

Customer: OK. These shoes fit me well. I’ll buy them.

Sales assistant: How would you like to pay, Sir?

Customer: Do you accept credit cards?

Sales assistant: We accept all major credit cards.

Customer: OK. Here’s my card.

Sales assistant: Thank you. Would you like to buy anything else, Sir?

Customer: No, thanks.