Shopping for shoes and clothes

Here is a range of phrases you will find useful when shopping for clothes or shoes.

‘Could you measure my chest / waist?’ ‘Of course.’

‘What size are you?’ ‘I’m a medium / large.’

‘Could you take my measurements?’ ‘Sure.’

‘Can I try this shirt on?’ ‘Sure. The changing rooms are over there.’

‘Do you have these shoes in a size 9?’ ‘Let me see.’

‘Would you like to try this skirt on?’‘Yeah.’

‘Can I try these shoes on?’‘Certainly.’

‘I’d like to try this skirt on? Where is the changing room?’ ‘It’s over there.’

‘I like this shirt, but it’s too small for me. Have you got this in a larger size?’

‘Is that shirt a good fit?’‘Yeah, it’s just right.’

It’s much too small for me.

It’s a little too big.

It’s a little too small.

No, it doesn’t fit.

Making a choice

‘Did you try these shoes on? Do they feel comfortable?’ ‘Actually, they’re a little big for me. Have you got them in a smaller size?’

‘This shirt doesn’t fit me. It’s a little too big.’

‘This doesn’t suit me. Is this the only colour you’ve got?’

‘This colour suits you well.’

‘What do you think of these?’ ‘I don’t like the colour.’

‘Is this washable?’ ‘Yes, it’s washable.’ / ‘No, it has to be dry-cleaned.’