Subject and predicate worksheet

The part of the sentence which names the person or the thing we are talking about is called the subject. The part which tells something about the subject is called the predicate.

Separate the subject and the predicate in the following sentences.

1. I will ring you on Tuesday.

2. Barking dogs seldom bite.

3. I work best in the morning.

4. Our house was built in the 17th century.

5. A hermit lives on top of the hill.

6. The dewdrops glittered in the sunshine.

7. You cannot pump the ocean dry.

8. Edison invented the light bulb.

9. The chirping of the birds woke me up.

10. The shepherd heard a barking sound.


1. Subject – I; predicate – will ring you on Tuesday

2. Subject – barking dogs; predicate – seldom bite

3. Subject – I; predicate – work best in the morning

4. Subject – our house; predicate – was built in the 17th century

5. Subject – a hermit; predicate – lives on top of the hill

6. Subject – the dewdrops; predicate – glittered in the sunshine

7. Subject – you; predicate – cannot pump the ocean dry

8. Subject – Edison; predicate – invented the light bulb

9. Subject – the chirping of the birds; predicate – woke me up

10. Subject – the shepherd; predicate -heard a barking sound