Talking About Health Problems

Here are some phrases to talk about aches and pains affecting the head area.

I’ve got a horrible cold.

I’ve a sore throat.

I always get a cold during the winter season.

I’m getting toothache. OR I’m getting a toothache.

I’m allergic to dust.

I’ve got a headache.

My eyes are itchy.

I always get a sore throat if I eat or drink something cold.

I get a runny nose during the winter season.

Don’t pick your nose. It’s a very bad habit.

I’ve a cold sore on my lips.

How did you get that cut on your chin?

I used to get a lot of pimples when I was young.

I’m thinking of getting my nose pierced.

I had pimple problems when I was a teenager.


Note the use of articles with the names of illnesses.

The is used before the names of some common illnesses. Examples are: the measles, the flu.

Names of major illnesses are usually used with no articles. Examples are: cancer, diabetes, jaundice etc. We do not usually say the cancer or the diabetes. The article a/an is used with the names of common aches and pains. Examples are: a toothache, a cold, a headache, an earache, a backache etc.