Talking about jobs

Here are some English phrases you can use to talk about jobs. Using these phrases you will be able to discuss the type of job you do and where you work.

Asking about a person’s job

What do you do for a living?
What do you do?
What sort of work do you do?
What line of work are you in?
What line of work is she in?
What does he do?
Here are some sample replies.
I’m a doctor.
She is a doctor.
He is a writer.
He works as a mechanic.
I work as a salesman.
I work in advertising.
I work in education.
He works in IT.
I work in television.
She works with special children.
I work with cancer patients.
I’m a housewife.
I am not employed. I stay at home and look after the children.

Employment status

I’ve got a part-time job.
I’ve got a full-time job. I work from nine to five.
I’m unemployed.
I’m looking for a job.
I’m between jobs. (= I am unemployed.)
I’m out of work.
I was laid off.
I’m looking for work.
I’m retired.
Other questions
Where do you work?
Who do you work for?

Model answers

I write for some websites.
I work for an educational publisher.
I’m self-employed.
I work for a multinational company.
I work in a pub.
I work for myself.
I work in a factory.
I run my own business.
I work in a shop.
I work from home.
I work in a bank.