Talking about speaking habits

People have different sleeping habits. Some can’t stay up beyond 11 pm. Others won’t hit the bed until 2 am. Here are some questions you can use to ask about sleeping habits.

‘What time do you usually go to sleep?’ ‘I’m a night owl. I sleep pretty late.’

‘Are you a night person or a morning person?’ ‘I get up at 5 am so I guess I’m a morning person.’

‘What time do you usually go to sleep?’ ‘At around 10 pm. But I don’t mind staying up late if I’ve got something to do.’

‘What time do you usually get up?’ ‘At around 7 am.’

‘Do you get up early in the morning?’ ‘No, I don’t.’ / ‘Yes, I do.’

Conversation 1

It wasn’t just any snore!

Mary: Stella, you look tired. Didn’t you get a good night’s sleep?

Stella: Nope. Martin kept me awake all night.

Mary: What?!

Stella: He doesn’t usually snore, but last night he really sawed some logs! And it wasn’t just any snore! I’d have slept better if I’d been sitting at a railway station. It was worse, you know.

Mary: My dad used to snore like that. Poor mom! She’d hardly get any sleep.

Stella: How did she bear it? I don’t think I can take another night like that again!

Mary: Well, I’ve got a simple solution for you.

Stella: What’s it?

Mary: Simple. Buy a pair of earplugs