Telephonic Conversation Sample

Practice dialogues are a great way to improve your English speaking skills. Here is a sample telephone conversation between two people.

Receptionist: Good morning. SpeakSmart Academy. Can I help you?

Caller: Yes, please. I’d like some information about the evening courses.

Receptionist: OK… what languages are you interested in?

Caller: German. Actually I work for a multinational company and they’re planning to transfer me to their Berlin office. I don’t know much German, so I thought I would learn at least a few words and phrases before I go.

Receptionist: That’s good. We do offer some spoken German courses in the evening.

Caller: Do you offer any short-term courses that I can do in one or two months? I don’t think I’ll be able to do a long-term course, because I might get the transfer anytime.

Receptionist: I see. Yes, we do offer some short-term courses, but the thing is that you can’t learn a language in one or two months. You’ll only learn the basics. By the way, do you speak any German at all?

Caller: I’m afraid not.

Receptionist: OK. Can you read or write German?

Caller: Yes, I can read and write. I did learn some German when I was in school but after that I lost touch with the language.

Receptionist: It’s okay. If you can read and write German, it’ll not be much of a problem.

Caller: So how much does the course cost?

Receptionist: The short-term course costs US $99 per person.

Caller: That’s not bad. So can I book my classes right now?

Receptionist: Well, telephone booking is not possible. You’ve to visit our office to sign up for the course. You’ll need to bring in your ID card and two passport size photos with you.

Caller: It’s okay. No problem. Do you need any other documents?

Receptionist: No, that’s it.

Caller: So when will the classes begin?

Receptionist: If you are ready, we can start the classes tomorrow itself.

Caller: That’s great. OK then. See you tomorrow. Many thanks for your help.

Receptionist: You’re welcome.