Transformation of tenses

Read the following sentences and change the tenses as per the given directions. You might need to make changes in the adverbs as well.

1. I will be writing my exam this time tomorrow. (Change into past continuous tense)

2. He will be waiting for us. (Change into present continuous tense)

3. I know this. (Change into simple past)

4. He will have thought about this. (Change into present perfect tense)

5. He wanted to know more about the job. (Change into simple present)

6. I am leaving for England tomorrow. (Change into future continuous tense)

7. She hadn’t thought about that. (Change into simple past)

8. He will not accept this proposal. (Change into simple past)

9. He will not pass the test. (Change into future perfect tense)

10. I always wanted to be a scientist. (Change into present perfect tense)

11. She will not tolerate this injustice. (Change into simple past)

12. She did not want to go. (Change into simple present)


1. I was writing my exam this time yesterday.

2. He is waiting for us.

3. I knew this.

4. He has thought about this.

5. He wants to know more about the job.

6. I will be leaving for England tomorrow.

7. She didn’t think about that.

8. He did not accept this proposal.

9. He will not have passed the test.

10. I have always wanted to be a scientist.

11. She did not tolerate that injustice.

12. She does not want to go.