Travelling By Air

Here are some of the phrases you will need when travelling by air and some of the instructions you may hear.

Checking in

I’d like to collect my tickets please.

I booked my tickets online.

I booked on the internet.

Questions you might be asked.

Have you got a lot of luggage?

Can I see your passport and ticket?

Did anyone have access to your bags in the meantime?

Where are you flying to?

Did you pack these bags yourself?

Can I see your hand baggage, please?

Do you carry liquids or sharp objects in your hand baggage?

How many bags are you checking in?

Are you carrying any metallic objects?

Are you carrying any liquids?

Questions you can ask

Is there an excess baggage charge?

Do I need to check my hand baggage in?

How much is the excess baggage charge?

Where can I get a trolley?

Can I take this bag with me?

In the departure lounge

Which gate do we need?       

What’s the flight number?

Instructions you will hear on the plane

We’ll be landing in about ten minutes .

Please turn off all mobile phones and electronic devices.

Would you like any food or refreshments?

Please stay in your seat until the aircraft has come to a complete standstill.

Please fasten your seatbelt and return your seat to the upright position.