Using make

Make is a common purpose verb. It can be used to express many ideas.

Read the following sentence.

He was weak because of his illness.

We can express the same idea using make.

His illness made him weak.

She cried because of his rudeness.

His rudeness made her cry.

Rewrite the following sentences using make.

1. I feel sick at the smell.

2. I became sad on seeing her pitiable condition.

3. I became jealous on seeing his affection towards his little sister.

4. He felt miserable at the thought of his starving family.

5. I became tired after the long walk.

6. She became furious at my reply.

7. We were unhappy because of our repeated failures.

8. They became alert on hearing the barking.

9. I felt proud of my son’s performance.

10. She became famous for her discoveries.


1. The smell made me sick.

2. Her pitiable condition made me feel sad.

3. His affection towards his little sister made me jealous.

4. The thought of his starving family made him miserable.

5. The long walk made me tired.

6. My reply made her furious.

7. Our repeated failures made us unhappy.

8. The barking made them alert.

9. My son’s performance made me proud.

10. Her discoveries made her famous.