Report the following Wh-questions.

1. The teacher said to me, ‘What are you doing?’

2. He asked me, ‘Why did you insult my brother?’

3. ‘Where did you go yesterday?’ the man said to his servant.

4. ‘When will your classes begin?’ the father said to his daughter.

5. ‘How far is the railway station from here?’ the old man asked.

6. ‘Where can I buy that book?’ the boy asked.

7. ‘Where does he keep his money?’ they asked her.

8. ‘When are you leaving for Delhi?’ Mr. Mathews asked me.

9. ‘Where were you all the time?’ the father asked the daughter.

10. ‘Why didn’t you call the police?’ Soapy asked the man.


1. The teacher asked me what I was doing.

2. He asked me why I had insulted his brother.

3. The man asked his servant where he had gone the previous day.

4. The father asked his daughter when her classes would begin.

5. The old man asked how far the railway station was from there.

6. The boy asked where he could buy that book.

7. They asked her where he kept his money.

8. Mr. Mathews asked me when I was leaving for Delhi.

9. The father asked the daughter where she had been all the time.

10. Soapy asked the man why he had not called the police.