Words commonly used with the prepositions from and in

It is not always easy to know which preposition to use after a particular noun, verb or adjective. Here is a list of common combinations with the preposition from.

Absent from

He has been absent from school since Monday.

Abstain from

The laborers abstained from work yesterday.

Alight from

He was the first to alight from the plane.

Deviate from

Never deviate from the path of truth.

Differ from

This plan differs from the earlier plan.

Dissuade from

I tried to dissuade him from taking such a course.

Distinct from

This is similar to the other tune, but quite distinct from it.

Distinguish from

The two sisters look alike. You can’t distinguish one from the other.

Hide from

I have nothing to hide from you.

Part from

I parted from my friends and went home.

Prevent from

We must prevent him from entering the premises.

Prohibit from

We were prohibited from entering the cave.

Recover from

He has completely recovered from his illness.

Refrain from

You must refrain from smoking and drinking.

Relief from

This medicine will give you instant relief from pain.


Abound in

This area abounds in valuable minerals.

Absorbed in

He was absorbed in work.

Believe in

Do you believe in ghosts?

Confide in

I don’t think you can fully confide in him.

Deficient in

A diet deficient in iron can cause anemia.

Negligent in

He is very negligent in his studies.

Pride in

He takes great pride in his heritage.

Versed in

She is well-versed in oriental languages.

Wanting in

He is wanting in sympathy.