Words with appropriate prepositions

Some words are followed by particular prepositions. Examples are given below

Search for

The authorities searched for the missing plane for several weeks; still, they could not find any traces of it.

Send for

His condition was beginning to deteriorate. So we sent for a doctor.

Sensitive to

You must not be too sensitive to criticism.

Short of

We are short of funds.

Sick of

I am sick of his hypocrisy.

Similar to

Our customs are very similar to theirs.

Smile on

Fortune smiled on him and he prospered.

Steeped in

The villagers are steeped in ignorance.

Stoop to

You must not stoop to that level.

Submit to

Everyone had to submit to his wishes.

Subscribe to

Do you subscribe to the doctrine of rebirth?

Succeed to

Solomon succeeded to the throne of David.

Sure of

I am not sure of this.

Suspected of

He was suspected of complicity in the murder.

Suspicious of

I am suspicious of his true intentions.

Sympathize with

I cannot sympathize with you.

Tamper with

He was accused of tampering with the files and documents.

Taste for

He has a taste for music.

Testify to

I can testify to your honesty and integrity.

Thankful for

I am thankful to you for your cooperation.

Tired of

I am tired of reminding him about it.

Touch upon

He touched upon unemployment and related problems in his talk.

Trifle with

Do not trifle with her feelings.