Useful Phrases

October 29th, 2009 in ESL, Vocabulary, Words

Again and again: frequently, repeatedly

We shouldn’t commit the same mistake again and again.

Now and again: once in a while, at times, from time to time, occasionally

She writes now and again.
I visit my grandparents now and again.

All in all: Everything being taken into account

All in all, it was a pleasant journey.
All in all, life has been good to me.

All and sundry: everyone, one and all

All and sundry were invited to the party.
Drinks were served to all and sundry

Bag and baggage: with all one’s possessions

One fine morning, she showed up at our door bag and baggage.
The landlady threatened to throw me out bag and baggage if I didn’t pay the rent in time.

Betwixt and between: between

Whatever they earn, they share betwixt and between.
She sat betwixt and between the celebrities who were present at the function.

Bread and butter: a job that provides you with the money you need to make a living; someone’s basic income

Writing for websites is my bread and butter.
I will never quit this job. It is my bread and butter.
Customers are the bread and butter of every business.

Chock-a-block: jammed, squeezed together, stuffed

This part of the city is chock-a-block with dilapidated buildings.
The venue of the concert was chock-a-block full.

Pick and choose: select with great care

You can’t always pick and choose. Sometimes you have got to take what you are given.
You can’t pick and choose your parents and children.

Every now and again: often, frequently

She visits me every now and again.
See eye to eye: to agree about someone or something with someone else
She can’t see eye to eye with her mother-in-law.
He decided to quit the job because he couldn’t see eye to eye with his boss.

Face to face

I think we will be able to sort things out if we meet face to face.
She talks with her fiancé every other day over the phone, but she has never met him face to face.

Fair and square: justly, within the rules

Let all our actions be fair and square.
They divided the money fair and square.

Fair and square can also mean exactly.

She hit me fair and square on the nose.

Give and take: compromise, make concessions

We all have to give and take in life.

Ins and outs: correct way to do something

She knows the ins and outs of politics.

Rain or shine: no matter what happens

We will hold the party – rain or shine.
Don’t worry. I will stand by you rain or shine.

Ups and downs: a person’s good fortune and bad fortune

I have had my share of ups and downs.