Tenses Quiz

Choose the correct alternative from those given in brackets.

1. The principal —————– to speak to you.

a) wants
b) is wanting
c)  was wanting

2. I ————— a new bicycle yesterday.

a) bought
b) have bought
c) was buying

3. It —————— raining since early morning.

a) has been
b) is
c) had been

4. I —————- a lot of work yesterday.

a) did
b) have done
c) had done

5. I —————- something burning.

a) can smell
b) am smelling
c) have been smelling

6. She ——————- unconscious since morning.

a) has been
b) is
c) was

7. He used to visit us every week, but he —————— now.

a) rarely comes
b) is rarely coming
c) has rarely come

8. We —————– waiting for his call since 3 o’clock.

a) have been
b) are
c) were

9. Our guests ——————; they are now waiting in the garden.

a) had arrived
b) have arrived
c) arrived

10. I —————— him since we met a year ago.

a) haven’t seen
b) hadn’t seen
c) didn’t

11. I ——————- my breakfast half an hour ago.

a) have taken
b) took
c) had taken

12. He jumped off the train while it ——————

a) was moving
b) is moving

c) moved


1. a) wants
2. a) bought
3. a) has been
4. a) did
5. a) can smell
6. a) has been
7. a) rarely comes
8. a) have been
9. b) have arrived
10. a) haven’t seen
11. b) took
12. a) was moving