Active and passive voice exercise

Sentences are given in the active voice. Change them into the passive.

1. Your conduct surprises me.

2. You annoy me.

3. I know him.

4. The police have arrested the thief.

5. We have finished our work.

6. You should help the poor.

7. We could not find any survivors.

8. We should not look down upon the poor.

9. Please help me.

10. You may go now.

11. Word hard.

12. Sit quietly.

13. They say that God lives in every heart.

1. I am surprised at your conduct.

2. I am annoyed with you.

3. He is known to me.

4. The thief has been arrested by the police.

5. Our work has been finished by us.

6. The poor should be helped by you.

7. No survivors could be found.

8. The poor should not be looked down upon by us.

9. You are requested to help me.

10. You are allowed to go now.

11. You are advised to work hard.

12. You are ordered to sit quietly.

13. It is said that God lives in every heart.