Active and Passive Voice Quiz

Fill in the blanks with suitable active and passive verb forms.

1.    This house ———————- in 1970 by my grandfather.

a)    Built
b)    Was built
c)    Was build
d)    Has built

2.    The robbers ————————- by the police.

a)    Have arrested
b)    Have been arrested
c)    Was arrested
d)    Had arrested

3.    We ———————- for the examination.

a)    Have preparing
b)    Are preparing
c)    Had preparing
d)    Have been prepared

4.    It ——————— since yesterday.

a)    Is raining
b)    Has been raining
c)    Have been raining
d)    Was raining

5.    I ————————- for five hours.

a)    Have been working
b)    Has been working
c)    Was working
d)    Am working

6.    The students ———————- to submit their reports by the end of this week.

a)    Have asked
b)    Are asked
c)    Has asked
d)    Are asking

7.    She ————————- for a while.

a)    Are ailing
b)    Is ailing
c)    Has been ailing
d)    Have been ailing

8.    The teacher ——————— the student for lying.

a)    Has been punished
b)    Punished
c)    Is punished
d)    Was punished

9.    I ——————— to become a successful writer.

a)    Have always wanted
b)    Am always wanted
c)    Was always wanted
d)    Am always wanting

10.    The inmates of the juvenile home ———————– well by their caretakers.

a)    Were not being treated
b)    Were not treating
c)    Have not being treated
d)    Was not being treated

11.    As the patient could not walk he ———————– home in a wheel chair.

a)    Has carried
b)    Has been carried
c)    Was carried
d)    Was carrying

12.    The injured ———————- to the hospital in an ambulance.

a)    Were taking
b)    Was taking
c)    Were taken
d)    Have taken

1.    Was built
2.    Have been arrested
3.    Are preparing
4.    Has been raining
5.    Have been working
6.    Are asked
7.    Has been ailing
8.    Punished
9.    Have always wanted
10.    Were not being treated
11.    Was carried
12.    Were taken