Adjective or adverb?

State whether the words in bold face are adjectives or adverbs.

1. I am dead certain.

Dead is an adverb here
Dead is an adjective here

2. In the expression ‘to hit something fair and square’

Fair is an adjective
Fair is an adverb

3. I am doing fine.

Fine is an adjective
Fine is an adverb

4. The plane goes direct from Delhi to Bangalore without stopping.

Direct is an adjective
Direct is an adverb

5. Is it a direct flight or do I have to change?

Direct is an adjective here
Direct is an adverb here

6. She spoke in a low voice.

Low is an adjective here
Low is an adverb here

7. Take it easy.

Easy is an adjective here
Easy is an adverb here

8. She was fatally injured in the accident.

Fatally is an adjective here
Fatally is an adverb here

9. You have to be there at six o’clock sharp.

Sharp is an adjective here
Sharp is an adverb here

10. My husband and I have widely differing opinions.

Widely is an adjective here
Widely is an adverb here


1. Dead is an adverb here

2. Fair is an adverb here.

3. Fine is an adverb here.

4. Direct is an adverb here.

5. Direct is an adjective here

6. Low is an adjective here.

7. Easy is an adverb here

8. Fatally is an adverb here.

9. Sharp is an adverb here.

10. Widely is an adverb here.