Against each key word are given five suggested meanings. Choose the word or phrase which is opposite in meaning to the key word.
1. Kindred

a) humdrum
b) hazard
c) family
d) objective
e) stranger

2. Kinky

a) lowly
b) magnificent
c) royal
d) absurd
e) strange

3. Kingly

a) twisted
b) straight
c) vigorous
d) weak
e) robust

4. Knack

a) skilful
b) dexterous
c) dullness
d) balanced
e) fortunate

5. Knave

a) villain
b) hero
c) dishonest
d) deadly
e) orthodox

6. Knotty

a) intricate
b) complex
c) vigorous
d) easy
e) included

7. Knowledge

a) erudition
b) scholarly
c) ignorance
d) petty
e) absurd

8. Kook

a) particular
b) illiterate
c) fascinating
d) sane
e) arrogance

9. Jaded
a) energetic
b) tired out
c) frustrated
d) happy
e) normal

10. Jeer

a) applaud
b) laugh rudely
c) mock
d) warm
e) vanish

11. Jeopardize

a) empower
b) put in danger
c) upset
d) thwart
e) diagnose

12. Jovial

a) moody
b) full of fun
c) happy
d) delighted
e) none of these

13. Judicious

a) prudent
b) imprudent
c) wise
d) scholarly
e) erudite

14. Lacerate

a) Hurt the feelings
b) heal
c) tear the flesh
d) wounded
e) symptomatic

15. Lackadaisical

a) tired
b) uninterested
c) enthusiastic
d) pressurize
e) disallow


1. stranger

2. lowly

3. straight

4. dullness

5. hero

6. easy

7. ignorance

8. sane

9. energetic

10. applaud

11. empower

12. moody

13. imprudent

14. heal

15. enthusiastic