Antonyms – verbal ability test

Against each keyword are given five suggested meanings. Choose the word or phrase opposite in meaning to the keyword.

1. Paroxysm

a) sudden outburst
b) suppressed emotions
c) paradoxical
d) spasm
e) none of these

2. Parsimonious

a) spendthrift
b) modest
c) miserly
d) nonchalant
e) sparing

3. Partisan

a) opponent
b) member
c) fan
d) adherent
e) sponsor

4. Pathos

a) bathos
b) tragedy
c) grief
d) joy
e) satire

5. Paucity

a) plethora
b) scantiness
c) rareness
d) dearth
e) possibility

6. Peccadillo

a) offense
b) virtue
c) transgression
d) indulgence
e) stain

7. Pedestrian

a) prosaic
b) walker
c) dull
d) exciting
e) strider

8. Pellucid

a) opaque
b) transparent
c) clear
d) clean
e) visible

9. Penchant

a) proclivity
b) desire
c) proclivity
d) predilection
e) horror

10. Penurious

a) Impecunious
b) indigent
c) needy
d) well-off
e) niggardly

11. Penury

a) Indigence
b) affluence
c) neediness
d) destitution
e) poverty

12. Peremptory

a) authoritative
b) dictatorial
c) decisive
d) dogmatic
e) polite

13. Perfidy

a) treachery
b) duplicity
c) honesty
d) lying
e) deceit

14. Perfunctory

a) hasty
b) unthinking
c) obligatory
d) thoughtful
e) token

15. Perjury

a) falsity
b) swear
c) persuasion
d) truthfulness
e) none of these

16. Permeate

a) impregnable
b) pervade
c) infuse
d) flood
e) saturate


1. suppressed emotions

2. spendthrift

3. opponent

4. joy

5. plethora

6. virtue

7. exciting

8. opaque

9. horror

10. well-off

11. affluence

12. polite

13. honesty

14. thoughtful

15. truthfulness

16. impregnable