Antonyms worksheet

Against each key word are given five suggested meanings. Choose the word or phrase which is opposite in meaning to the key word.

1. Derogatory

a) disgusting
b) praising
c) distressing
d) intruding
e) conferred

2. Descent

a) ascent
b) appropriate
c) demote
d) regulate
e) sink

3. Desecrate

a) integrate
b) intense
c) desist
d) consecrate
e) assimilate

4. Desolate

a) inhabited
b) abandon
c) impoverished
d) malnourished
e) ill will

5. Desperate

a) diabolic
b) forsake
c) forlorn
d) hopeful
e) disinterested

6. Despicable

a) diametric
b) disgusting
c) adorable
d) captivated
e) connive

7. Destitute

a) worthless
b) affluent
c) famished
d) impoverished
e) sufficient

8. Desultory

a) frequent
b) impertinent
c) persevering
d) persistent
e) pertinent

9. Devious

a) indirect
b) circuitous
c) direct
d) subtle
e) abnormal

10. Devout

a) blasphemous
b) irreverent
c) agnostic
d) saintly
e) holy

11. Diabolical

a) lavish
b) mischievous
c) seraphic
d) azure
e) red

12. Diffident

a) impertinent
b) confident
c) lacking self esteem
d) prudent
e) assured
13. Dilate

a) constrict
b) expand
c) discourse
d) swell
e) sparkle

14. Diligent

a) drowsy
b) alert
c) attentive
d) sedulous
e) narrow

15. Disconsolate

a) distressed
b) depressed
c) delighted
d) dabble
e) dashing


1. praising

2. ascent

3. consecrate

4. inhabited

5. hopeful

6. adorable

7. affluent

8. pertinent

9. direct

10. irreverent

11. seraphic

12. confident

13. constrict

14. drowsy

15. delighted