Antonyms worksheet

Against each key word are given five suggested meanings. Choose the word or phrase which is opposite in meaning to the key word.

1. Macabre

a) dirty
b) gruesome
c) pleasant
d) rustic

2. Machination

a) evil plot
b) good will
c) affordable
d) appetizing

3. Maelstrom

a) benign
b) malign
c) destructive
d) malicious

4. malcontent

a) satisfied
b) dissatisfied
c) rebellious
d) provoked

5. malediction

a) blessing
b) curse
c) verbal
d) colloquial

6. Malefactor

a) benefactor
b) criminal
c) helper
d) supporter

7. Malodorous

a) filthy
b) stench
c) fragrant
d) vulgar

8. Manifold

a) few
b) diverse
c) multiple
d) folded

9. Maudlin

a) weepy
b) sentimental
c) unemotional
d) pleasing

10. Maverick

a) conformist
b) eccentric
c) individualist
d) rebel

11. Mawkish

a) maudlin
b) mushy
c) weepy
d) unemotional

12. Meander

a) wander
b) roam
c) ramble
d) rush

13. Mendicant

a) beggar
b) honest
c) miserly
d) affluent

14. Mercurial

a) predictable
b) lively
c) witty
d) unpredictable

15. Mettle

a) cowardice
b) courage
c) grit
d) resolve

16. Minatory

a) menacing
b) threatening
c) encouraging
d) promising

17. Mirth

a) amusement
b) glee
c) hilarity
d) sadness

18. Miscreant

a) reprobate
b) rebel
c) scoundrel
d) benefactor

19. Mollify

a) placate
b) soothe
c) pacify
d) enrage

20. Moot

a) unresolved
b) disputable
c) established
d) debatable


1. pleasant

2. good will

3. benign

4. satisfied

5. blessing

6. benefactor

7. fragrant

8. few

9. unemotional

10. conformist

11. unemotional

12. rush

13. affluent

14. predictable

15. cowardice

16. encouraging

17. sadness

18. benefactor

19. enrage

20. established