Change affirmative into interrogative

Convert the affirmative sentences into interrogative sentences.

1. His parents have arrived.

2. Our team won the championship.

3. James left school at fourteen.

4. The boys applauded the players.

5. He accused her of poisoning his dog.

6. She saved money by giving up cigarettes.

7. He always feeds the cat before going out.

8. Those glasses belong on the top shelf.

9. She rang him up.

10. We agree about most things.

11. They left in the morning.

12. Birds of a feather flock together.

13. Sania works at a factory.

14. The girl borrowed a book from the library.

15. The dog waited for his master at the gate.


1. Have his parents arrived?

2. Did our team win the championship?

3. Did James leave school at fourteen?

4. Did the boys applaud the players?

5. Did he accuse her of poisoning his dog?

6. Did she save money by giving up cigarettes?

7. Does he always feed the cat before going out?

8. Do those glasses belong on the top shelf?

9. Did she ring him up?

10. Do we agree about most things?

11. Did they leave in the morning?

12. Do birds of a feather flock together?

13. Does Sania work at a factory?

14. Did the girl borrow a book from the library?

15. Did the dog wait for his master at the gate?