Change into Passive Voice

Passive forms

Simple present: is / am / are + past participle

Present continuous: is / am / are + being + past participle

Present perfect: has / have+ been + past participle

Simple past: was/ were + past participle

Past continuous: was / were + being + past participle

Past perfect: had + been + past participle

Simple future: will + be + past participle

Future perfect: will + have + been + past participle

1. She has drawn a picture.

2. I have received the parcel.

3. They have freed the captives.

4. You have cheated me.

5. They praised him for his honesty.

6. He has composed a song.

7. I have apprised the manager of the situation.

8. Have you informed them?

9. Did he say anything?

10. The nurse dressed his wound.

11. They shot him dead.

12. The mother consoled the girl.


1. A picture has been drawn by her.

2. The parcel has been received by me.

3. The captives have been freed by them.

4. I have been cheated by you.

5. He was praised for his honesty.

6. A song has been composed by him.

7. The manager has been apprised of the situation.

8. Have they been informed by you?

9. Was anything said by him?

10. His wound was dressed by the nurse.

11. He was shot dead by them.

12. The girl was consoled by the mother.